Start Sing to Earn!
Sing to earn is a form that allows users to gain benefits from singing. Their singing is recorded and incorporated into STELIA app that users can easily access on their smartphones.
STELIA sing to earn concept is one step forward in bringing awareness to blockchain technology in an exceedingly easy method that everyone can accomplish.

Start Sing to Earn!

  • Get Stelia App
Download Stelia on App Store and Google Play Store. If problems are encountered, use the apk version available on website.
  • Create a profile.
Create your profile and link your BSC wallet address. (wallet connections will be disable until the next development.)
  • Voice Identify
Identify your voice to our AI robot. In this way, our robot will check that the sound used in the work you will upload belongs to you.
  • Join Karaoke Contests
Participate in Karaoke Contests. At the end of the day, be the voice with the most votes and claim your rewards daily.
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