What is Sing to Earn

Sing to earn is a form that allows users to gain benefits from singing. Their singing is recorded and incorporated into STELIA app that users can easily access on their smartphones. STELIA sing to earn concept is one step forward in bringing awareness to blockchain technology in an exceedingly easy method that everyone can accomplish

How to Buy $STELIA?

1. Step: Install Metamask for Chrome
2. Step: Send $BNB to MetaMask
3. Step: Visit Pancakeswap and add $STELIA contract adress
4. Step: Swap $BNB for $STELIA

How to Earn?

Users will need: - Android or iOS Smartphone - Metamask or TrustWallet wallet (Connect to BNB Chain) - in order to take rewards. - Users need either stake $STELIA token or own $STELIA NFT to participate in STELIA earning.